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Example of your "Sneaker Dedication"


“Sneaker Dedication”. I started this series but haven’t done anything with it yet. Why is it named like that? I created a flower as my growth in life and sneakers are my job. The flower is called dedication. It’s the love I show what I do for a living, while for others its a hobby or a lifestyle. Not all sneakers are everyone’s favorite. And not everyone loves the same flowers. And so we can go on about colors, sizes etc. But to continue my series of the “Sneaker Dedication” and I also run out of my faves, I give you the opportunity to order your personal “Sneaker Dedication” on canvas.

1. First let me know your favorite sneaker. This can be anything! Nike Air Max One, Puma Disc Blaze or maybe even Converse, you name it!
2. Second step is easy. What’s your flower? Roses? Peonys? Lily’s? You’re the boss!
3. I’m obsessed with pink and soft colors but you let me know your duo tone background!
4. Fourth, last but not least. The size of your canvas.
30x30cm €65
40x40cm €75

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